PraGun is  profound, practical, possessive, positive, power-loving, purposeful, persevering person. I’m a multitasking woman with ambitious soul.

Creative, Foodie, Hoarder, Counselor, bibliophile, anchor…

I love life and proud to be a wonder woman with so much yet to innovate and explore…

Dreams of a book written solely by me and a small potpourri cafe which will be legacy for my generations to come.

I’m a paradoxical gal –
A day dreamer as well as practical soul.
Love sports & action, but a saree loving woman.
Introvert shy girl yet social leader


“Foodipedia” – PraGun’s Cafe is my culinary journey, experiments, potpourris invented.

Its Indian vegetarian recipe store I learned from my mother of course and many lovely people I met in the journey called life, who inspired me, taught me, shared with me and helped create this Cafe with love. You may choose from a number of available options.

Good Food = Good Mood

So here is my kitchen ( swayampakghar) creations, My recipes, food stories, cuisine journeys. Fresh home cooked, with love recipes.

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